4 months ago

StealthAccounts.co.uk Scammed Millions Of People Out Of Thousands!!!!

http://stealthaccounts.co.uk and many oither scam websites are all owned by Jordan James Snell! He runs many different eBay and amazon scam websites! This time he has ripped off the wrong person! He has scammed by wife out of $4400 and taken many more thousands from other people who I can see on the Internet.

They also own stealthbuy.co.uk and also powerselleraccount.co.uk and many other websites all with different phone numbers to make you think they are different companies. I think there are around 4 different people working at this scam orginisation.

I have reported this scam to the UK police which are going to help me trace this person. If anyone else has been scammed please post your comments here so we can all get together and bring these crooks down!

8 months ago

Why CheapVCCS Will Scam You Out Of Your Money

We got the specific email which they'd specialized issues and we would need to hold out only the tiny bit. he's by means of ghana, one of the trick nation inside the world.

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1. We additionally requested that wipe out the specific arrangement, by the by this site sent basically mechanized messages. Wind up Being cautious.

Contact for you to affirm this experience: **************

he make numerous site advancing fake things and all take intense earned money originating from individuals. http://www.verifypp.com trick 2.

• Rude on the off chance that you are by and large sufficiently lucky to acquire these individuals about their specific talk

mizkat fake, i for one don't care for permitting my money back again man.

• they could or maybe won't not convey the primary get as snare

those locales over have a similar proprietor. http://www.virtualusbank.com trick 3. Tragically, a similar email went ahead the following day so we got it practically every morning. his vba alongside vcc will be fake, don't have trust in remain away... http://www.paypalvcc.com trick 4. We have picked the moment conveyance, by the by it was excessively interesting. I have requested card for me by and by furthermore my better half by means of www.cheapvccs.com.

Be that as it may:

• Absolutely No affirmation of BTC exchange

• Simply sufficient client mind with a specific end goal to suck a man all through for the main purchase

I reached every one of them 6 times, each through my record about their specific webpage, by approach of email and additionally making utilization of his or her site page talk office.

CheapVCCs.com is an aggregate scam.+

cheapvccs.com trickster its a bgt add up to lie furthermore substantial trick site, he stole my cash, i trade my 200$ lr furthermore accepting nothing, please help me to acquire the moneyback from the trick site.

Their items: VCC, Account confirmation, ask for code, virtual FICO score card, vba, checked record, virtual ledger, usa versatile number, google adwords, address check, reload card, paypal, amazon and so on

I paid out relating to items at Cheapvccs.com utilizing Bitcoins. http://www.payzavcc.net .

i will compel for you to report all including this trick record to many people